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Inverness, die Hauptstadt der schottischen Highlands, liegt mitten im Outlander-Territorium. Hier findet die Liebesgeschichte von Claire Randall und James Fraser ihren Anfang, die bereits 1991 von der US-amerikanischen Autorin Diana Gabaldon kreiert wurde und seit 2016 auf Netflix ausgestrahlt wird Although in the series Craigh Na Dun is only a few miles away from Inverness, The shooting location is actually in Rannoch Moor in Perthshire. But, I'm sorry to tell you that there aren't any stones placed there. The Outlander team built these specifically for filming on Kinloch Rannoch Moor YouTubers Sasha and Tasha are huge Outlander fans and couldn't wait to see the filming locations of the hugely successful TV show and learn about the Jacobites. Follow their journey which starts in Edinburgh and continues north to the Highlands and Aberdeenshire where they visit the real-life Castle Fraser, Culloden Battlefield and Inverness However, Outlander's Inverness is not the modern-day city of the same name. Instead, the village of Falkland in Fife serves as the filming location for these scenes. Today, visitors can stay in Mrs. Baird's Guest-house (aka The Covenanter Hotel) and stand at the Bruce Fountain just as Jamie's ghost does while looking wistfully up at Claire's hotel room Outlander is primarily filmed in Scotland. Much of the filming takes place at the Wardpark Studios near Glasgow. However, a number of scenes have been shot at locations all across country. Even those scenes which are set outside of Scotland, such as those set in North Carolina (USA) and France, were also filmed in Scotland

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  1. g locations in Scotland 1. Glencoe. From the opening scenes of the very first episode of Outlander, the mood was set with the sweeping mountains... 2. Inverness but not as we know it. The town of Falkland, just north of Edinburgh, stands in for Inverness in the... 3. Kinloch.
  2. Outlander. -Drehorte in Schottland. Wenn Sie von der mystischen, fesselnden Outlander- Saga in den Bann gezogen wurden und sich in die Welt von Claire und Jamie entführen lassen wollen, dann lernen Sie das Land kennen, das die Autorin Diana Gabaldon und die Produzenten der TV-Serie inspirierte
  3. g to appear as Scotland would have done in the 1940's, when you enter the town square it is still an instantly recognisable scene
  4. Outlander-Drehort Schottland Schon die Bücher von Diana Gabaldons Highland-Saga haben eine riesige Fangemeinde. Die Verfilmung lässt nun reale Orte teil der fiktiven Geschichte um Claire & Jamie werden und damit zu Sehnsuchtsorten der Outlander-Fans

Another Outlander film location shot in Wiltshire in England (only an hour away from me), is a Palladian Bridge on the grounds of Wilton House. When Claire is presented at court to King Louis', she finds out through the Duke of Sandringham that Black Jack Randall is alive But the Outlander crew had to recreate America in Scotland, and Creiff stood in for North Carolina. Specifically, the scenes are thought to have been filmed in the Abercairny Estates, located.. Inverness is one of the key locations in Outlander, however it wasn't used as a filming location. Instead, the cute town of Falkland in Fife starred as 1950s Inverness in the series. The city is still in the heart of Outlander territory however, with countless connections to the history which inspired Diana Gabaldon's story. Here are my top ten

Inverness is a central location in the Outlander series, both in the books and the TV adaptation.Join us today as we share out TOP 5 Outlander related locati.. Outlander-Drehort Doune Castle, Schottland © Andrea David Die ersten Folgen der Serie spielen im Inverness der 1940 er und wurden in der Grafschaft Fife, in der Stadt Falkland gedreht Located between Linlithgow and Falkirk, the park lent its backdrop to the dramatic Battle of Prestonpans, and doubled both as a British encampment and the English countryside Outlander Tour from Inverness is a real must for any Outlander fans! A days tour visiting all the main Outlander destinations in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness. The Outlander Tour from Inverness starts at the heart of Inverness to get a feel of what Inverness would have looked like in Jamie's time Top Outlander Film Locations Kinloch Rannoch and Rannoch Moor (Craig na Dun) Doune Castle (Castle Leoch) Midhope Castle (Lallybroch) Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison) Aberdour Castle (Sainte Anne de Beaupré Monastery) Falkland (1940's Inverness) Culross (Cransemuir) Dean Castle (Beaufort Estate).

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  1. Locations where Outlander was filmed in Scotland. Although Jamie wasn't waiting for me at Castle Leoch, you can hear it in the audio guide, telling us interesting things and curiosities from the TV show. I hope you've seen the first and second seasons or like me, you've read all the books, if notThis is your potential Spoiler Warning!! Lallybroch Location: filmed at Midhope Castle.
  2. 1940s Inverness. Another Fife town to visit on your Outlander tour of Scotland is Falkland, which stood in for 1940s Inverness in the TV show. (Why didn't they just use the actual city of Inverness, you ask? Well, Inverness today is a big, modern city; Falkland is smaller, quieter, and much easier to make look like a town from the 1940s). Here you'll be able to recognize quite a few things.
  3. Home » Locations » Falkland / Inverness. Falkland / Inverness. Outlander Tours; 56.253122, -3.207937; High Street, Cupar KY15 7BU, Scotland, United Kingdom ; The small and quiet Scottish village of Falkland has streets lined with stone cottages which have been around since the 17th and 18th centuries. The village is home to 28 listed buildings, one of which includes the historic Falkland.
  4. For those making a full day of visiting Outlander locations, it is very close to the Culloden battlefield, and open to the public. The Clava Cairns near Inverness in Scotland. Arterra Getty Image
  5. g location was Glen Affric) where Claire and Jamie said their tearful goodbyes. It is also where the Jacobites, who were supporters of.
  6. g Locations and Historical Tour Inverness Bus Station, Margaret St, Inverness IV1 1LT, UK, Inverness Please meet your guide at Stance 6 in Inverness Bus Station

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Inverness is where Claire and Frank go for their honeymoon. It is located to the south of the Highlands, next to the Ness river. Looking back to the time when the Outlander story takes place, there was a castle located in Inverness in 1745. The castle was occupied by Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite followers. Fearing that the castle would fall into the hands of the British, he had it destroyed This is where it all began. While it is set in Inverness, it is in fact in Perthshire that a big part of Claire's journey is filmed. 5. Rannoch Moor. It's well known that Claire passes through the Craigh na Dun standing stones near Inverness to reach the 17th century, but it is indeed in Rannoch Moor that this was filmed. Stretching from Perthshire into the Highlands, Rannoch Moor will be reminiscent of season 1 when Claire and Jamie ride across these moors and valleys. Unfortunately. What It's Known as on Outlander: Inverness, where Claire and Frank (Tobias Menzies) take a second honeymoon in the beginning of the first season—and where Frank sees Jamie's ghost. It recurs in later seasons featuring Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin). Where It's Located: Falkland, Fife, Scotland The Highland Folk Museum is a great Outlander filming location situated forty-five miles south of Inverness in the village of Newtonmore, the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Drawn here by the Outlander series, I was intrigued to see more. The open-air museum is a fabulous day out for all the family, it is both fun and educational as you experience a glimpse into Scotland's rich historical. 3. Inverness Outlander Map & Audio Tour Inverness Outlander Map. The Outlander fan group, Inverness Outlander, also created and published a map of important Outlander landmarks located in Inverness and its surrounding areas. Their detailed map of the city is very helpful and easy to follow. No additional map would be needed when touring Inverness itself

The Museum's reconstruction is so authentic that it was also used as the set location for filming the first season of the Outlander TV series. See all this and more on one of our Outlander Day Tours from Inverness. Finally, are you ready to visit the imposing ruins of Ruthven Barracks, where Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlies) sent word to the Jacobite support that had congregated. 3. Inverness: Falkland Village. Did you know that the Outlander team chose the quaint Falkland Village to play the role of the real Inverness in the 1940s? This is because it looks like it's stuck in time. The main square is like a temple for Outlander fans! You've got the Bruce Fountain where the ghost of Jamie looks up at Claire, the streets Claire walks down, shops which actually have blue vases in them and even Mrs Baird's B&B The stones in the TV series were made of styrofoam and installed on location at Kinloch Rannoch. There is a place called Craig Dunain in Inverness. There is a very small stone circle there just off of a local trail. [citation needed] References Possibly the most iconic Outlander location, Kinloch Rannoch was used for the site of Craigh na Dun. It is here, in the very first episode, that Claire visits the stone circle and is thrown back in time to 1743. There she meets Captain 'Black Jack' Randall, a sadistic British officer, before being rescued by a passing highlander, Murtagh

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Falkland. In season one of Outlander, the Inverness town in 1940s Scotland where Claire Randall (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) visit is actually Falkland FALKLAND / INVERNESS. I'm kicking off this tour right at the very start: in the pretty little village of Falkland, in Fife - or, as Outlander fans will know it, Inverness.In the image above, I'm walking towards the hotel Claire and Frank checked into on their honeymoon - that's the window Claire looks out of, in the top right of the photo - and I'm sure the rest of the. Outlander is a historical drama television series set predominantly in Scotland starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. Blackness Castle (Fort William in Outlander Season 1 and 2) Fort William stages many pivotal events, serving as the second largest settlement outside of Inverness, during the Jacobite Rising of 1745. It serves as the location where Jami The tour starts off in Inverness before heading up to Culloden Battlefield, where the last pitched battle was fought on British soil. Your guide will give you a tour of the battlefield and lead you to the Fraser Stone, which commemorates all of the Frasers who tragically fell on April 16th 174 The Clava Cairns has often been hailed as the inspiration for Outlander's Craigh Na Dun. True or not, these stones share the fictitious stones' location closely. You can find the Clava Cairns near Inverness, and although not perched on a hill, they are surrounded by trees and fields

Outlander often uses parts of Scotland to stand in for other international locations. When the plot sent Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh to France in season two, the team used the quaint port of Dysart.. Falkland, Fife (Inverness in Outlander) One of the earliest scenes in Outlander features the quaint small town of Falkland in Fife. This is meant to be Inverness in the 1940's in Season 1 and the 1960s in Season 2. The Bruce Fountain, right in the centre of Falkland, is where Jamie's ghost is seen looking up at Claire's window

In Season One of Outlander, we first see Claire and Frank traveling through the winding roads of the Scottish highlands in their convertible car.The war had just finished, and they were celebrating their reunion by enjoying a second honeymoon together in Inverness. The beautifully quaint little town of Falkland represented the 1940's version of Inverness in the show The Outlander TV series, adapted from Diana Gabaldon's novels, is predominantly filmed in Scotland, including the scenes which take place in France. The filmmakers used Scotland's exceptional beauty and drama as the perfect backdrop, and you'll see them all. Begin in the center of Scotland's history, Edinburgh 15) Outlander Locations. Inverness is bang in the middle of Outlander territory. In the TV series, the Inverness scenes were actually filmed in the village of Falkland in Fife, however Inverness has many links to the history which inspired the books/series. The area surrounding Inverness was home to Clan Fraser of Lovat, and Culloden Moor is just a few miles outside of the city. Read more about the Jacobite history which inspired Outlander in m We'll spend the afternoon in the village of Falkland that was used as 1940's Inverness in Outlander. It packs a lot of listed buildings for a small village, but if you are not interested in old, pretty buildings you can always try to chase Jamie's ghost around the square. Our final stop is at Midhope Castle*. Get ready for the tears of joy and a lot of excitement when we hang around Jamie's peaceful home, the real-life Lallybroch before arriving back in Edinburgh. This tour is a must. Visit the Outlander filming locations near Edinburgh. Step through the arch at Lallybroch. Journey north to Inverness in the beautiful Highlands. Explore the book locations

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Inverness is the location of Macbeth's castle in Shakespeare's play. Inverness Library is located in Farraline Park, housed in what was originally the Bell's school, designed by William Robertson in the Greek Revival style The Outlander Highlands Tour from Inverness also features some iconic filming locations from the TV series. On this tour, you'll get to visit the breathtaking Tulloch Ghru. This area of Caledonian forest and stunning mountain views provides many of the stunning backdrops that can be seen on-screen In Season 1, the village, home to Falkland Palace, is re-cast as 1946 Inverness, where Claire and Frank stay on their second honeymoon. While researching Frank's ancestral history, Claire and Frank secretly watch a pagan ceremony at standing stones on a nearby hill. Claire is fascinated by this ritual. She returns alone to the stones and falls through time to 1743

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A Visit to Outlander's Craigh na Dun at Kinloch Rannoch. After a lacklustre summer, Highland Perthshire's early autumn colours roar as we take the road up country into the very heart of Scotland in search of the hallowed ground of Craigh na Dun.. Now, you don't want to be taking a work of fantasy fiction too seriously, even one as meticulously researched as Diana Gabaldon's Falkland, Fife (1940s Inverness) Falkland in Fife is famed for its beautiful and picture-perfect palace. Built in the early 16th century by James IV and James V, Falklands Palace would have been among one of the most impressive pieces of architecture of its time. Even today the town of Falklands looks as if time has stood still there. For the Outlander TV show, it's easy to see why this was.

Located on the wider Hopetoun Estate is Midhope Castle, which is the external location for fictional Lallybroch - the Fraser family home. Midhope Castle dates back to the 15th Century and although the exterior is relatively intact, the castle is derelict inside. Plan your trip on the Hopetoun House website The stunning Outlander filming locations in Scotland we can't wait to get back out and visit From the sites for Castle Leoch to Lallybroch, the best Scottish Outlander filming locations are well.

May 23, 2015 - Never seen Outlander? You should visit these stunning Scottish locations anyway. Warning: Mild Season 1 spoilers ahead This is possibly the most important location of season three for all Outlander fans. This wee alley starred as Carfax Close where Jamie ran a print shop under the false name of Alexander Malcolm. With handkerchiefs at the ready and pounding hearts, we followed Claire down this alley to find Jamie after 20 years of separation. This is where a new emotional chapter of the Outlander story begins. Even the useful downloadable map of Outlander locations published by Visit Scotland doesn't name the site. But even if your search involves neither your partner or horse you too can follow in Jamie's footsteps to Lallybroch. Outlander author Diana Gabaldon places Lallybroch in Inverness-shire, but in reality it's much nearer the beaten track and therefore much easier to visit. Lallybroch. Outlander Adventure - 1 day tour; Loch Lomond, Cruise & Whisky - 1 day tour; 3 day tours from Glasgow. View all; The Isle of Skye - 3 day tour; Isle of Arran Adventure - 3 day tour; Mull & Iona - 3 day tour; Tours from Inverness. View all; 1 - 3 day tours from Inverness. View all; Skye & Eilean Donan Castle - 1 day tour; The Best of the Black.

15.05.2020 - Outlander filming locations in central Scotland: a guide put together by Outlander fan and Scottish lifestyle blogger, Forever Ambe Direkt zum Hauptinhalt. Bewertung. Wichtige Hinweise Reisen Logi The standing stone circle from Outlander has drawn fans to tour Scotland in search of the mysterious powers of Craigh na Dun. The scene shot on Rannoch Moor in Perthshire and although the stones in the TV series were made of styrofoam and installed on location, the fictional depiction is of one of many standing stone formations in the British Isles Like many Outlander locations, Craigh na Dun is a fictional place constructed just for the show. Fortunately, there are several other gorgeous stone circles in Scotland and around the world that you can visit to channel your inner Claire. Kinloch Rannoch is the site of Craigh na Dun in season 1. Not to shatter the illusion even further, but the stones of Craigh na Dun aren't actually made of. Outlander locations private tour from Edinburgh / US hit TV series Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a World War Two nurse who is mysteriously swept back in time to 18th century Scotland. She meets Jacobite Jamie Fraser in the period leading up to the Jacobite uprising of 1745

Without hesitation, Outlander includes some of those moments when it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen when you watch it . One of these is when Frank and Claire secretly observe the druid ritual in Craigh Na Dun. You can feel in your skin the magic of this circle of Outlander stones.You let yourself be infected by sensations when visualizing this magical spectacle hidden behind. Home » Locations » Clava Cairns » Clava Cairns | Happy Tours. Clava Cairns | Happy Tours. Outlander-Touren; 57.473488, -4.073167; Inverness IV2 5EU, Scotland, United Kingdom; Positionskarte (zum Zoomen klicken) Besuchen Sie diesen Ort auf einer dieser Touren: Outlander-Tour in den Highlands . Inverness; 8 Stunden; Kleinbus; Outlander; Öffentliche Tour; English; Ab € 81 pro Person. Everything about the Outlander tour was more than I'd expected. Tom, our driver/guide, was so entertaining and knowledgeable, and kept everything interesting during drive time between locations. Every Outlander location was wonderful, but the two that really touched me most were Castle Leoch and Lallybroch Amazing

Montage of footage taken during a 2017 Outlander Film & Book Location Tour through Inverness Tours. Montage of footage taken during a 2017 Outlander Film & Book Location Tour through Inverness Tours. Inverness Tours. Yesterday at 4:40 AM · MacVan Clan Man - clip 30 - The Colours of Scotland - in which we consider the changing shades of the seasons, the plants that make it so, and the. Travel with Claire and Jamie on a blockbuster trip inspired by the award-winning drama about their love affair through the ages. Visit some of the notable film.. Both of the fictional castles are home of the Mackenzie clan, though the Mackenzies featured in Outlander are fictional characters. In the show, Doune Castle, located near Stirling, acted as a stand-in for Castle Leoch. Located 20 miles outside Inverness, Castle Leod is still home to the Mackenzie family Filming locations for Outlander - Clava Cairns, Inverness. Wild wind howled through the auburn autumnal leaves and across the rolling green hills on either side of the secluded, narrow road that we carefully tread along, excitedly pursuing filming locations for Outlander The Highland Folk Museum is a great Outlander filming location situated forty-five miles south of Inverness in the village of Newtonmore, the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Drawn here by the Outlander series, I was intrigued to see more. The open-air museum is a fabulous day out for all the family, it is both fun and educational as you experience a glimpse into Scotland's rich historical past. The museum is set in a one mile long, 80-acre site, covering life in the Highlands from 1700 to.

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If you are travelling to more Outlander locations I'd recommend visiting Culross then travelling to Kirkcaldy and staying overnight somewhere around there. This means you can visit Dysart Harbour (aka the French port of L'Havre) then head up towards Falkland (Outlander's Inverness) Our next must-see Outlander locations is perhaps one of the most iconic from the entire show. Nestled in the heart of Fife is the rural village of Falkland. In series one the location is portrayed as Inverness in the 1940s and later the 1960s in series two and four. Directors shot many scenes around the Bruce Fountain and cobbled streets but most famously this is the location where the ghost.

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Outlander fans and visitors to Scotland may also like to try the Inverness Outlanders' tour, based on Diana Gabaldon's books and welcomed by the author. The Inverness Outlander tour on Geotourist is, like all Geotourist tours, free to listen and free to download, covers the Inverness region of Scotland and is a wonderful companion to the VisitScotland Outlander Filming Locations Tour. Beauly and Kirkhill are neighbouring Scottish villages, about 30 minutes drive from Inverness. There are several Outlander locations to explore in this area, including Beauly Priory, Beaufort Castle and Wardlaw Mausoleum

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  1. g of Outlander. Price range: £44 - £47. Doune Castle - visit the real Castle Leoch, the seat of Clan Mackenzie. Culross - explore.
  2. Inverness Day Tours, Inverness Picture: The Outlander film location of Cranesmuir - Check out Tripadvisor members' 730 candid photos and videos of Inverness Day Tour
  3. g of Outlander is that Scotland provides such gorgeous backdrops that not much needed to be changed. While buildings were made to look a bit rougher according to the times, the country's.
  4. g location. Instead, the cute town of Falkland in Fife starred as 1950s Inverness in the series. The city is still in the heart of Outlander territory however, with countless connections to the history which inspired Diana Gabaldon's story. Here are my top ten. 1. Craigh na.

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Craigh na Dun (Gaelic: Creag an Dùin) is the location of the ancient stone circle by which Claire Randall travels from 1945 to 1743. Its distinguishing feature is the large cleft stone, through which a time traveler may pass. As with most stone circles, the hill of Craigh na Dun conceals more than it illuminates Jun 9, 2019 - Join us for our latest instalment of Outlander On Location in the historic Highland town of Inverness! In this video, we take a wee tour around the Old High. This Outlander Tour from Inverness includes: Transport and Tour Guiding to the above locations in our comfortable and air-conditioned Mercedes minibus. Two Tour Guides throughout, one in the 1745 Jacobite Kilt attire. Collection from a location in Inverness at 9.15am, and return there by 6.00pm. Professional photographic record of your. Explore further on our private Outlander Tours from Edinburgh, Scotland. Follow in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire Fraser on a fun & relaxed private day tour.Why not explore even more with our multi-day Outlander tours & uncover Scotland's history and sites. Explore Lallybroch and Castle Leoch on a fantastic day tour. Visit the locations of Wentworth Prison & 1950's Inverness

Outlander Star Sam Heughan Visits Filming Locations in New Docuseries News Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham sets the stars of Outlander on a voyage of discover Other Outlander locations: Kinloch Rannoch (Craigh na Dun) Off B846, 3.5 miles E of village of Kinloch Rannoch, in Tay Forest Park, Tullochroisk farm, Perthshire. NN 710571 42 PH16 5QF Picturesque and remote part of Scotland, although there are no stones at site. The iconic stone circle that transports Claire to 1743 in the first episode, and. Inspired by Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, Our State and AAA Vacations present an Outlander experience from New Bern to Blowing Rock. Meet in Raleigh to be transported to Tryon Palace in New Bern, glean more fascinating history from the New Bern area, then head west for additional Outlander -themed adventures. Trip dates are July 6-11, 2021

Bild von Inverness Day Tours, Inverness: The Outlander film location of Craigh Na Dun - Schauen Sie sich 730 authentische Fotos und Videos von Inverness Day Tours an, die von Tripadvisor-Mitgliedern gemacht wurden It may not be possible to travel back in time like Claire Beauchamp Randall in the Starz series Outlander, but fans can certainly follow her footsteps across the Scottish countryside. The show, which is based on Diana Gabaldon's books, is filmed on location in Scotland as it follows World War II nurse Claire and her adventures with Jamie Fraser in the 18th century 3 Day Outlander Tour from Glasgow Itinerary. The Outlander 3 Day tour from Glasgow departs promptly each day from 266 George Street outside the Parish Halls Buildings. Please see the map for the exact location and direction assistance at the bottom of this page. Each tour day lasts around 8-12 hours traffic depending. Day

Kinloch rannoch outlanderAre you looking for Lallybroch? Outlander fans walk this way

Outlander film locations in and near Edinburgh Craigmillar Castle. Craigmillar Castle, an easy journey form Edinburgh's city centre is an ancient castle built around a tower house dating back to the 1300s. Home of Mary Queen of Scots who stayed there in 1566, it then briefly became her prison after her arrest in 1567. Outlander season 3 sees it play the role of Ardmuir Prison - plan your trip. Outlander Film Locations tour of Castle Leoch, Fort William and Inverness provided by Private Tours Edinburgh. Outlander Film Locations tour of Castle Leoch, Fort William and Inverness . By: Private Tours Edinburgh. 1. Save. Share. COVID-19 update: See the added health and safety measures this experience is taking. Read more. Full view. All photos (23) Select Date and Travellers. From. C$478. We will substitute this stop wth another key Outlander location. Highlights. Doune Castle used as Castle Leoch* Culross, the fictional village of Cranesmuir; Falkland, setting for 1940's Inverness; Midhope Castle - the real-life Lallybroch* Linlithgow Palace used as Wentworth Prison Inclusions. Local Scottish Guide; Souvenir map; WiFi; Explore More. Doune Castle Entry; Full Refund. If. Inverness Day Tours, Inverness Picture: The Outlander film location of Ft. William - Check out Tripadvisor members' 730 candid photos and videos of Inverness Day Tour Aug 8, 2018 - We have discovered through exhaustive investigation (ie google) some of the locations in Scotland used for the Outlander series on Starz You are welcome :-). See more ideas about outlander, outlander series, outlander locations Outlander tours can be booked online or by phone on (+44) 0131-549-9785 for details and bookings. Visit Lallybroch Castle ( Midhope Castle ) for just £90 . Hourly service from Edinburgh between 10 am and 2 pm . Phone (+44) 0131-549-9785 for details and bookings

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