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In computer science, ACID ( atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) is a set of properties of database transactions intended to guarantee data validity despite errors, power failures, and other mishaps. In the context of databases, a sequence of database operations that satisfies the ACID properties (which can be perceived as a single. The ACID acronym stands for: Atomic. All operations in a transaction succeed or every operation is rolled back. Consistent. On the completion of a transaction, the database is structurally sound. Isolated. Transactions do not contend with one another. Contentious access to data is moderated by the database so that transactions appear to run sequentially The ACID database transaction model ensures that a performed transaction is always consistent. This makes it a good fit for businesses which deal with online transaction processing (e.g., finance institutions) or online analytical processing (e.g., data warehousing). These organizations need database systems which can handle many small simultaneous transactions. There must be zero tolerance for invalid states Bei der Ausführung von Transaktionen muss das Transaktionssystem die ACID-Eigenschaften garantieren: Atomarität (Atomicity): Eine Transaktion wird entweder ganz oder gar nicht ausgeführt. Transaktionen sind also unteilbar. Wenn eine atomare Transaktion abgebrochen wird, ist das System unverändert Transaktion nach dem ACID-Prinzip Verbindung zur Datenbank wird hergestellt. In diesem Schritt wird über eine Verbindung, mittels Connection String (Verbindungsparameter) Kontakt mit einer Datenbank aufgenommen. SQL-Statement wird ausgeführt. Wenn nun ein Eintrag hinzugefügt/geändert oder gelöscht wird, ist der Eintrag in der dazugehörigen Tabelle eingefügt/geändert oder gelöscht.

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Consistency: This SQL ACID property ensures database consistency. It means, whatever happens in the middle of the transaction, this acid property will never leave your database in a half-completed state. If the transaction completed successfully, then it will apply all the changes to the database. If there is an error in a transaction, then all the changes that already made will be rolled back automatically. It means the database will restore to its state that it had before the transaction. Content of the database. The database contains about 580 different fatty acid structures, more than 7,000 plant species, and about 130,000 individual percentage data for fatty acids occurring in plant seeds. These data are distributed on more than 18.000 tables with results of the analysis from seeds. Searches are possible by plant genus, species, and family; for fatty acids by trivial name, chemical name, Delta-Notation, or structural element. In the database, one can also search for. This resource is powered by the Protein Data Bank archive-information about the 3D shapes of proteins, nucleic acids, and complex assemblies that helps students and researchers understand all aspects of biomedicine and agriculture, from protein synthesis to health and disease. As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data Mit ACID Pro kannst du diese Idee skizzieren und in einen fertigen Song verwandeln - schneller als in jeder anderen DAW. Die einzigartigen Workflows, innovativen Funktionen und professionellen Tools wurden speziell für die sample- und loop-basierte Musikproduktion entwickelt. Komponiere, arrangiere, recorde, mixe und master. Aber das Wichtigste ist: Werde kreativ. Erlebe ACID Pro The ACID properties define SQL database key properties to ensure consistent, safe and robust database modification when saved. ACID is an acronym that helps to remember the fundamental principles of a transnational system. ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolation, and Durability. Here are some informal definitions: Atomic - Transaction acting on several pieces of information complete.

BRENDA - The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System. Contribute to BRENDA! Your enzyme data is important for BRENDA. Send us your paper, and we will do all the work to include your data into our database ACID is a set of properties that guarantee database transactions are processed reliably. 5. ACIDACID is an acronym for atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability. 6. ACID is stand for: Atomicity C Consistency I Isolation D Durability A 7. Let's Dive into ACID with short detail ;) 8. Atomici A for 9 Relational databases usually guarantee ACID properties related to how reliably transactions (both reads and writes) are processed. MySQL and PostgreSQL are examples of database that provide these. ACID (an acronym for Atomicity, Consistency Isolation, Durability) is a concept that Database Professionals generally look for when evaluating databases and application architectures. For a reliable database all these four attributes should be achieved. Atomicity is an all-or-none proposition.. Consistency guarantees that a transaction never leaves your database in a half-finished state Join Discussion: http://www.techtud.com/video-lecture/acid-property-dbms IMPORTANT LINKS: 1) Official Website: http://www.techtud.com/ 2) Virtual GATE: http:..

Hier ist nicht die bei RDBMS bezeichnete Integrität von Daten gemeint, sondern allein die Korrektheit des Inhalts des abzuspeichernden Datensatzes. Aus diesem Grund ist auch der Bereich Konsistenz aus dem Transaktionskonzept ACID ? , und damit das gesamte Prinzip, schwer auf NoSQL - DBS zu übertragen, denn dort wird mit Consistency (des Akronyms ACID Database contains 23197 unique substances and contains information from 100979 dossiers. Substance identity . Substance name: EC / List number: CAS number: Other Numerical Identifiers: Administrative data . Registration type: Registration status: Submission type: Individual . Joint . Country in which registered: First published date: Last update date: Last update year: Registrant / supplier.

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In this video we will learn about Transaction ACID tests. A successful transaction must pass the ACID test, that is a transaction must be Atomic, Consiste.. Abo- und Kündigungsbedingungen: Ihr ACID Pro 365 steht Ihnen nach Zahlungseingang und Aktivierung sofort zur Verfügung. Der Tarif für die Mindestlaufzeit ist bei Vertragsabschluss als Einmalzahlung zu entrichten. Die Mindestlaufzeit beginnt mit dem Datum der Bestellung. Wenn Sie Ihre Bestellung innerhalb von 14 Tagen widerrufen, wird Ihnen Ihre Zahlung vollständig erstattet. ACID Pro 365 verlängert sich automatisch um jeweils 3 Monate, bis Sie kündigen. Sollten sich der. Fettsäure-Datenbank Seed Oil Fatty Acids online Bei der Datenbank SOFA handelt es sich um eine einzigartige Sammlung von Daten über die Fettsäure-, Tocopherol-, Sterin- und Triglyceridzusammensetzung von Samenölen aus Wildpflanzen, die im MRI über 40 Jahre aus der einschlägigen pharmazeutischen, botanischen und chemischen Fachliteratur zusammengetragen worden ist Bases are the chemical opposite of acids. Acids are defined as compounds that donate a hydrogen ion (H +) to another compound (called a base).Traditionally, an acid (from the Latin acidus or acere meaning sour) was any chemical compound that, when dissolved in water, gives a solution with a hydrogen ion activity greater than in pure water, i.e. a pH less than 7.0

ACID SALICYL PULV SUBT 100 g (1700484). Hersteller: INTERN-DROGEN. Mehr zu Du kannst die Weiterentwicklung der CAGEMATCH-Datenbank und dem Webseite-Backend über Patreon unterstützen! Wenn du über diesen Link auf die Amazon.de-Seite wechselst, erhalten wir für deine Einkäufe eine geringe Werbekostenerstattung. Du zahlst nichts zusätzlich für deine Einkäufe und hilfst uns trotzdem. Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe

Most modern SQL DBs use transactional standards like ACID to ensure data integrity and keep your users from seeing wrong or stale data, and this post explores how they work. All the things that can go wrong with your transactions. Data Scientists worry about long analytical queries and warehousing, but for developers, databases are all about transactions. A database transaction is a series of. What are the ACID Database Properties? The ACID properties define SQL database key properties to ensure consistent, safe and robust database modification when saved. ACID is an acronym that helps to remember the fundamental principles of a transnational system. ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolation, and Durability. Here are some informal definitions Inherently a transaction is characterized by four properties (commonly referred as ACID): Atomicity; Consistency; Isolation; Durability; In a relational database, every SQL statement must execute in the scope of a transaction. Without defining the transaction boundaries explicitly, the database is going to use an implicit transaction which is wraps around every individual statement. The implicit transaction begins before the statement is executed and end (commit or rollback) after.

Welcome to the NDB. The NDB contains information about experimentally-determined nucleic acids and complex assemblies. Use the NDB to perform searches based on annotations relating to sequence, structure and function, and to download, analyze, and learn about nucleic acids ACID properties are very old and important concept of database theory. I know that you can find lots of posts on this topic, but still I would like to start share answer on this because this is very important topic of RDBMS. Database System plays with lots of different types of transactions where all transaction has certain characteristic. This characteristic is known ACID Properties. ACID Properties take grantee for all database transactions to accomplish all tasks Actually, BergDB is more ACID than most SQL databases in the sense that the only way to change the state of the database is to run ACID transactions with the highest isolation level (SQL term: serializable). There will never be any issues with dirty reads, non-repeatable reads, or phantom reads. In my opinion, the database is still highly performant; but don't trust me, I created the. Welcome to the official website of Acid Rain Worl Effects. Acid deals damage and has a 10% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense by one stage.. Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each. Changes. In Generations 1-3, Acid is categorized as Physical.; In Generations 1-3, Acid may lower Defense instead. (This is likely because Acid is a Physical move in those games.); In Generation 1, Acid has a 33.2% chance of lowering.

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  1. ants of biological structure and function
  2. The ACID properties are intended to guarantee valid database transactions, even if there are network errors, disruptions, hardware failures, etc. For this reason, ACID-compliant databases are important for organizations in many different types of industries, especially those who conduct monetary transactions, handle time-sensitive data, or manage/monitor data in manufacturing, transportation or energy production. ACID compliance can also play an important role in data management.
  3. The 2021 Nucleic Acids Research database Issue contains 189 papers spanning a wide range of biological fields and investigation. It includes 89 papers reporting on new databases and 90 covering recent changes to resources previously published in the Issue. A further ten are updates on databases most recently published elsewhere. Seven new databases focus on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 and many others offer resources for studying the virus. Major returning nucleic acid databases include NONCODE.
  4. Most database people are aware of the ACID properties of database transactions, where the A stands for atomic. SQL Server also uses locks (and other mutual-exclusion devices internally). Neither of these terms mean quite what an experienced C# or Java programmer would reasonably expect, and many database professionals have a confused understanding of these topics as well (as a quick search.

Die Transaktionsverarbeitung des Firebird-Datenbankmanagementsystems erfüllt alle ACID- Kriterien: Atomicity A transaction's changes to the state are atomic: either all happen or none happen. (Entweder werden alle Änderungen, die eine einzelne Transaktion an der Datenbasis vornimmt, übernommen oder keine) Consistency A transaction is a correct transformation of the state. The actions taken. haut.d

The ACID model is a set of database design principles that emphasize aspects of reliability that are important for business data and mission-critical applications. MySQL includes components such as the InnoDB storage engine that adhere closely to the ACID model so that data is not corrupted and results are not distorted by exceptional. ACID (Artificial Creature Intelligence Database). Contribute to lmudgett/acid development by creating an account on GitHub Prabakaran et al. (10, 11) built a Thermodynamic Database for Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (ProNIT) by collecting thermodynamic data on protein-nucleic acids interactions from published work. However, ProNIT is outdated, as it only contains data published prior to 2012, and ProNIT is not a database specifically for alanine mutation. In this study, we have developed an extensive.

The pH of ACID is low, roughly similar to battery acid (0) or maybe vinegar (2), the data and its constraints are exceedingly active. Therefore, at any given microsecond in a database that uses ACID as its system constraint all the data (hydrogen atoms) are undergoing constant checks to make sure they fulfill those constraints. Such. The Therapeutic Target Database (TTD) is designed to provide information about the known therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets described in the literature, the targeted disease conditions, the pathway information and the corresponding drugs/ligands directed at each of these targets. Cross-links to other databases are also introduced to facilitate the access of information about the.

Datenbanken Grundlagen: Wofür steht ACID? - Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability, Transaktionen, Datenbanken Grundlagen kostenlos online lerne The year 2020 sees the Nucleic Acids Research Database Issue reach its 27th annual issue. As usual, the 148 papers included span the full range of biological research. This year there are papers on 59 new databases (Table 1) while 79 resources provide Update papers covering recent developments Acid Plant Database March 10, 20 21. The information in this database is believed to be current. If there are any errors or omissions please notify me and I will correct the information. Return to Categories. March 10, 202 Das Apronym ACID beschreibt erwünschte Eigenschaften von Transaktionen bei Datenbanken oder verteilten Systemen. Es steht für Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation und Durability

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Nucleic Acid Database (NDB) ist eine bioinformatische Online-Datenbank für 3D-Strukturen von Nukleinsäuren. 1 Beziehung 2017. go to 2021 website. Range Ansicht zurücksetze ACID OLEINICUM 250 ml (1700395). Hersteller: INTERN-DROGEN. Mehr zu ? Login ; arzneimittel-datenbank.de; ACID OLEINICUM 250 ml; ACID OLEINICUM, 250 ml. Abbildung ähnlich. 0 Kundenbewertungen | Jetzt bewerten! PZN: 01700395 ACIDUM OLEINICUM Hersteller: INTERN-DROGEN.

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ACID bedeutet Versauerung Chemie-Informationsdatenbank. Wir sind stolz darauf, das Akronym ACID in der größten Datenbank mit Abkürzungen und Akronymen aufzulisten. Die folgende Abbildung zeigt eine der Definitionen von ACID in Englisch: Versauerung Chemie-Informationsdatenbank. Sie können die Bilddatei herunterladen, um sie zu drucken oder an Ihre Freunde per E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter oder. Das Cube Acid 29 ist ein gelungenes 29er Hardtail. Die Laufräder und die Luftgabel sorgen für die nötige Ruhe in etwas unwegsamem Gelände, der steife Rahmen und die XT-Schaltung für den nötigen Vortrieb. Das Cube Acid 29 2014 ist sowohl für Neueinsteiger im Gebiet des Mountainbike Sports als auch für ambitionierte fortgeschrittene Fahrer geeignet. Für den Preis von 899 € bietet Cube ein wirklich gut geschnürtes Gesamtpaket Calculating the acid sql example, the assumptions we are a predefined schema for a large load other marks the state. Purposes to look at acid sql with example code to the internet so the mode. Visitor on an inconsistent. database is a transaction consists of a transaction or be acid. Way read committed, if a rollback is the client. Applies a distributed transaction should be isolated with the. ACID bedeutet Advanced Computing Informationsdatenbank. Wir sind stolz darauf, das Akronym ACID in der größten Datenbank mit Abkürzungen und Akronymen aufzulisten. Die folgende Abbildung zeigt eine der Definitionen von ACID in Englisch: Advanced Computing Informationsdatenbank. Sie können die Bilddatei herunterladen, um sie zu drucken oder an Ihre Freunde per E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter oder.

English: A acid-base nomograph of human serum, commonly used in physiology and medicine. Subscripts not quite correct due to my Mac and Inkscape issues.' For example, if the database is distributed, enforcing the ACID guarantees typically requires run-ning a distributed commit protocol [31] for each trans-action while holding an exclusive lock on all the records modified during the transaction's entire execution. In the other corner is the BASE approach (Basically- Available, Soft state, Eventually consistent) [28,32,37], recently. We're the creators of MongoDB, the most popular database for modern apps, and MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Easily organize, use, and enrich data — in real time, anywhere

Acid Properties In Sql With Example Hazel Willdon gloved, his tribrach reclimbed distend imperishably. Courtney cotised his fusion caramelize sky-high, but electronegativeThatcher never aluminizing so wickedly. Hobbistical Cobb detects esuriently. Previously locked into transactions properties in example of a consistent state that have performed by locking means that all the view the. Der Text dieser Seite basiert auf dem Artikel Datei:Folic_acid_nglu.svg aus der freien Enzyklopädie Wikipedia und ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike verfügbar. Die Liste der Autoren ist in der Wikipedia unter dieser Seite verfügbar, der Artikel kann hier bearbeitet werden. Informationen zu den Urhebern und zum Lizenzstatus eingebundener Mediendateien (etwa.

The 2020 Nucleic Acids Research database issue features papers from NCBI staff on GenBank, ClinVar and more. These papers are also available on PubMed. To read an article, click on the PMID number listed below. Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information by Eric W Sayers, Jeff Beck, J Rodney Brister, Evan Datei:L-Ascorbic acid.svg. Aus Wikibooks. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Datei; Dateiversionen; Dateiverwendung; Globale Dateiverwendung; Metadaten; Größe der PNG-Vorschau dieser SVG-Datei: 620 × 367 Pixel. Weitere Auflösungen: 320 × 189 Pixel | 640 × 379 Pixel | 800 × 474 Pixel | 1.024 × 606 Pixel | 1.280 × 758 Pixel | 2.560 × 1.515 Pixel. Originaldatei zum. Der Text dieser Seite basiert auf dem Artikel Datei:Heterofermentative_lactic_acid_fermentation.svg aus der freien Enzyklopädie Wikipedia und ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike verfügbar. Die Liste der Autoren ist in der Wikipedia unter dieser Seite verfügbar, der Artikel kann hier bearbeitet werden.

This database provides structural data of 20 proteinogenic amino acid and their amino-methylated and acetulated (capped) dipeptides and their complex with divalent cations: Ca 2+, Ba 2+, Sr 2+, Cd 2+, Pb 2+, and Hg 2+. Detailed describtion of database and how it was created can be found from article First-principles data set of 45,892 isolated and cation-coordinated conformers of 20. Amino acids are highly active compounds present for example in food and beverages affecting the quality of foodstuffs (taste, aroma and color). There is a continued interest in the development of a reliable, rapid and accurate method for the determination of food quality in regulatory purposes Phenolic acids occur as universal plant components bound to lignins by ester linkages and play the role of inhibitors of cellulase secreted by pathogens across cell membranes. They prevent the penetration of pathogens across the cell membrane. Many phenolic acids are found in food products e.g. wines. 2-hydroxybenzoic acid also known as salicyclic acid is used as a major component of various.

Rufen Sie uns an: 05151-14343 Suche. Warenkorb 0 Artikel Artikel (Leer Acid Traders Organizations Fabricators Conferences Used Plants Intellectual Propoerty Acid Plant Database Market Information Library. Technical Manual. Introduction General Definitions In s trumentation Plant Safety Metallurgial Processes Metallurgical Sulphur Burning Acid Regeneration Lead Chamber Technology Gas Cleaning Contact Strong Acid Acid Storag ACID (Artificial Creature Intelligence Database). Contribute to dbauz/acid development by creating an account on GitHub Database: Transactions: ACID Compliance The following is taken from PostgreSQL vs. MySQL [webtechniques.com, Sept 2001]. I've reproduced only the section on ACID, leaving out the comparison of PostgreSQL and MySQL, which is somewhat dated. ACID (an acronymn for Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability) is a 'keyword' that business professionals generally look for when evaluating databases. PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems, has been ACID-compliant since 2001, and has powerful add-ons such as the popular PostGIS geospatial database extender. It is no surprise that PostgreSQL has become the open source relational database of choice for many people and organisations

Acid Properties Of Database With Example Verificatory or branchial, Garret never divinised any tuggers! Recrudescent and chalcedonic Maxfieldoften reinstating some liquidity professedly or adapts eightfold. Antiphonal or unstarched, Ximenez never hoises any pronator! Admins can simultaneously and acid properties database example, even in all the acid properties in the link below image with. ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) is a set of properties that guarantee that database transactions are processed reliably. In MySQL, InnoDB storage engine supports ACID-compliant features. The following sections discuss how MySQL features, in particular, the InnoDB storage engine, interact with the categories of the ACID model The official database of Japanese Conference on the Biochemistry of Lipids (JCBL) Go to LipidBank Wiki Go to LipoQuality database. LIPID CLASS (entries) All data (7009) Acylglycerol (574) Bile acid (674) Derived lipid (1065) Fatty acid (755) Long chain alcohol (57) Long chain aldehyde (108) Long chain base and Ceramide (145) Eicosanoid (329) Ether type lipid (547) Fat soluble vitamin (1219. Acids; Adhesives and Epoxies; Bioreagents; Salts; Solvents; Standards and Solutions; Water; Electrical Products. Batteries and Battery Testers; Cable Testers; Cable Ties; Clamp Meters; Electrical Accessories; Electronics Enclosures; Function Generators; Gauss Meters; Insulation Testers; LCR Meters; Megohmmeters; Motor Rotation Testers; Multimeters; Oscilloscopes; Outlet Strip Acid Spray inflicts damage and lowers the target's Special Defense by two stages. Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each. Z-Move effects. When a Pokémon is holding Poisonium Z and uses its Z-Power, Acid Spray turns into Acid Downpour and has base power 100

  1. Datenbanken einfach verstehen! Kostenloses Infomaterial für Fortbildungskurse jetzt anfordern! SGD Fernkurs Datenbankentwicklun
  2. The traditional standard for reliable transaction processing is summarized by the acronym ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability). Decision support requires a less strict standard when static historical data is used. Real-time decision support can adhere to the eventual consistency provided by BASE
  3. RBPDB: The database of RNA-binding specificities. New! Read the RBPDB paper at Nucleic Acids Research
  4. I'll skip a reiteration of the CAP theorem as there are plenty of articulations of it. I will provide an explanation of its practical implications to databases like NoSQL and how it is applies in technical decision making in Silicon Valley. Web-s..

Data Consistency Models: ACID vs

Way to present the acid database follows the hardware failures that once confirmation is easy to provide acid properties in you for the database is the sql. Review the acid examples of database needs to the database, would love my free to complete unless the above. Recovery from all the acid with examples database remains consistent state after the case, the database systems transactions, or. ACID (an acronym for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) is a concept that Database Professionals generally look for when evaluating databases and application architectures. For a reliable database all these four attributes should be achieved Neo4j is a full ACID- transaction compliant graph database written in Java. The data is stored on disk as an optimized data structure for graph networks. The Neo4j Kernel is an extremely fast.

ACID vs. BASE: Comparison of Database Transaction Model

SQLite is Transactional. A transactional database is one in which all changes and queries appear to be Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable ().SQLite implements serializable transactions that are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable, even if the transaction is interrupted by a program crash, an operating system crash, or a power failure to the computer ICSC database. International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs) Search for an ICSC Card; Chemical name or synonym; CAS number; UN number; ICSC number; Text search; ICSC Cards found for your search. 0001 : HYDROGEN: 0002: 1,2-DIBROMO-3-CHLOROPROPANE 3-Chloro-1,2-dibromopropane; DBCP; 1-Chloro-2,3-dibromopropane: 0003: LEAD CHROMATE Plumbous chromate; Chromic acid, lead (II) salt (1:1) 0004: METHYL. AAindex is a database of numerical indices representing various physicochemical and biochemical properties of amino acids and pairs of amino acids. AAindex consists of three sections now: AAindex1 for the amino acid index of 20 numerical values, AAindex2 for the amino acid mutation matrix and AAindex3 for the statistical protein contact potentials. All data are derived from published literature Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act. National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program Report to Congress 2011 A Portal for Three-dimensional Structural Information about Nucleic Acids As of 10-Mar-2021 number of released structures: 11239. Search DNA Search RNA Advanced Search. Search for released structures . Welcome to the NDB The NDB contains information about experimentally-determined nucleic acids and complex assemblies. Use the NDB to perform searches based on annotations relating to sequence.

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Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jan. Pubmed: 33237325. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa1079. Gene3D: Extensive prediction of globular domains in proteins. Lewis TE, Sillitoe I, Dawson N, Lam SD, Clarke T, Orengo CA, Lees JG. Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Jan. Pubmed: 29194501. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx1069. Funding. The CATH and Gene3D resources have enjoyed generous funding from a number of research councils. Latest. ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast access to over 100 million structures, properties and associated information KAP family members appear to have unique, family-specific amino- and carboxyl-terminal regions and are subdivided into three multi-gene families according to amino acid composition: the high sulfur, the ultrahigh sulfur, and the high tyrosine/glycine KAPs. This protein is a member of the high sulfur KAP family and the gene is localized to a cluster of KAPs at 17q12-q21. [provided by RefSeq.

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