All data presented is only indicative and should not be used operationally. Send feedback comments to the EUROCONTROL Training Institute. Copyright permission must be sought from EUROCONTROL EAD is a centralized reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information for airspace users and an integrated AIS solution for service providers, provided by the EUROCONTROL Member States The EUROCONTROL website offers an insight into news, topics and activities of the organisation to a wide range of people interested in European air traffic management (ATM). It also links visitors to EUROCONTROL's project or programme sites which are of interest to the European ATM community. Using this website means you agree to comply with these. Database version: ICAO 1.02 (updated 16th July 2020) © 2020 European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). All rights reserved At EUROCONTROL, we manage your data responsibly and do not provide it to third parties. We only use and process your data to answer your question and for quality control purposes. We apply our internal data protection rules, which are aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation, to all of our data-processing

Home Balanced Scorecard COVID-19 crisis State and Airline response to Covid-19 Grounded Aircraft Impact on en-route revenues Impact on vertical flight efficiency (CCO/CDO) Traffic Daily Traffic Variation & Restart Traffic Forecast Efficiency & Environment Horizontal Flight Efficiency Vertical Flight Efficiency Terminal Holdings Taxi-out Economics Service Units Unit Rates and Costs ATM Cost Effectiveness Stakeholder views Airport View ANSP View FAB View State View Publications Reference Data. The ANP database is an online data resource accompanying the ECAC Doc 29 and ICAO Doc 9911 guidance documents on airport noise contour modelling. If you would like to access this database and are not a registered user, please fill in the registration form provided in the New user page

OneSky Online is EUROCONTROL's Extranet, that part of our website where content can be accessed by authorised users only. We have simplified the interface, but the way you access your tools and services remains unchanged Our first ever EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot is dedicated to airline schedules during 2020 - a weaker guide to flights than usual. In normal times the published airline schedules are a pretty good indicator of how many scheduled flights there will be - indeed often analysts use them as a proxy for real flights

EUROCONTROL Web Site: Privacy Statement & Terms and Conditions: For specific questions, please contact crco.cefa@eurocontrol.int © 2006-2021 EUROCONTROL - v2. (R20210308-1534 In service since 1988. First airliner with a fly-by-wire-system with side stick controlling and an EFIS-cockpit. Total of 4771 aircraft ordered, 4661 delivered, 4353 in operation (November 2018) EUROCONTROL's learning platform allows you to browse the catalogue of EUROCONTROL training courses, submit registration requests and study on-line The European AIS Database. For detailed information about EAD - including the latest news, events, training opportunities, and much more - see the EAD general website. You will also find explanations of EAD's solutions for aeronautical industry specialists, including EAD Pro and MyEAD. EAD General Website

Aviation Intelligence Portal. This portal is provided by the Performance Review Unit (PRU) which is part of EUROCONTROL's Aviation Intelligence Unit (AIU).. In support of the independent work of the Performance Review Commission (PRC) this portal aims to:. ensure that interested stakeholders in all EUROCONTROL States have relevant high quality information on Pan-European ANS performance. NOP Network Operations Portal - EUROCONTROL

Database containing comprehensive details of the Network Operations area and Air Traffic Services (ATS) organisation. Definition Source EUROCONTROL, NM Glossary (2014 EUROCONTROL SBAS FAS Data Block Tool About Disclaimer Help. Functions : Encode Decode Decode File. FAS DB is a web-based tool used to generate a CRC value for a Final Approach Segment (FAS) Data Block based upon user-input data. The format and range of the entered data is validated prior to CRC calculation and the result can be copied or printed for subsequent use. The FAS DB format and the. Die Europäische Organisation zur Sicherung der Luftfahrt (englisch European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation; Abkürzung EUROCONTROL) ist eine internationale Organisation zur zentralen Koordination der Luftverkehrskontrolle in Europa. Dienstsitz ist Brüssel

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  1. Avionics which are seen to perform poorly but for which further data is required in order to be conclusive will be added to the list of 'Avionics with performance concerns' (formerly called the 'Grey List'). The fact that an aircraft is on the Logon List does not guarantee that it performs well; simply that it has not been observed to perform poorly. Performance Monitoring Criteria. Avionics.
  2. This wiki is intended to support the broader data link community. In addition to the DPMF activities, EUROCONTROL NM supports joint investigations of reported issues together with relevant stakeholders and continues to support interop testing in particular for AOs and ANSPs
  3. EUROCONTROL, The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Home EAD General Website. Contact Us; What is EAD Basic; Home; Login. EAD Basic; EAD Pro; EAD Application Descriptions. EAD Basic; EAD Pro; EAD Operational Statistics. Data Maintenance. Responsibility; NOTAM Availability (INO) SDO - Full SDO; SDO - Minimum SDO; PAMS; Data Quality; You are here: Home; Registering.
  4. Database Name: Database Description: Sponsoring State or Organization: All Airports Database: Airports Database for Modelling Operations: US, EUROCONTROL: COD: Common Operations Database: US, EUROCONTROL, BRAZIL: CH Fleet DB: Campbell-Hill Fleet Database: A4A: Population DB: Population Database based on: national census data (US, Europe and Brazil
  5. Flight data processing aspects are covered, with particular emphasis on the associated SES Implementing Rules and specifications. Examples include the Implementing Rules on Interoperability on Initial Flight Plan (IFPL) and Co-ordination and Transfer (COTR), the latter supported by the EUROCONTROL Specification for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI). The functions associated with surveillance data processing are also covered during the course. Besides the classical surveillance techniques there.
  6. EUROCONTROL Training Zone Main navigation. Link to homepage. Menu. News; Calendar This database provides the user with the standard words and phrases as described in ICAO Annex 10, Volume 2 and ICAO Doc 4444 including syntax, context when used and examples. Objective The objective of this database is to improve the use of standard phraseology by indicating correct syntax and by explaining.
  7. EUROCONTROL's Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) collects flight-by-flight data from around 100 airlines and 130 airports, such as actual off-block and take-off times, and delay causes. Largely this is on a voluntary basis in return for performance and benchmarking information, but increasingly the data collection is influenced by the EU performance regulations [ 52 ]
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Each State publishes the data link provisions, starting date of data link operations and relevant operational information by means of an Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) or Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). An AIC is an advanced notice of changes to the AIP. Note: Information on harmonised procedures can be found in the LINK2000+ ATC and Flight Crew Operational Guidance. EUROCONTROL SBAS FAS Data Block Tool. FAS DB is a web-based tool used to generate a CRC value for a Final Approach Segment (FAS) Data Block based upon user-input data. The format and range of the entered data is validated prior to CRC calculation and the result can be copied or printed for subsequent use. The FAS DB format and the CRC algorithm. The European AIS Database (abbreviated EAD) is a reference database of aeronautical information, which was developed by EUROCONTROL member states. The database also includes an Aeronautical Information Services system, which is open to both European Civil Aviation Conference member states and all airspace users This database provides the user with the standard words and phrases as described in ICAO Annex 10, Volume 2 and ICAO Doc 4444 including syntax, context when used and examples. Objective The objective of this database is to improve the use of standard phraseology by indicating correct syntax and by explaining when the particular phrase could be used These additional data are not required for CRC calculation, but they need to be. provided to datahouses for procedure coding in ARINC 424 records. ICAO Code. LTP/FTP Orthometric Height (metres) EUROCONTROL FAS DB tool Version: 3.2.0

EUROCONTROL SBAS FAS Data Block Tool About Disclaimer Help. Functions : Encode Decode Decode File. Source Reference Documentation. Appendix D to RTCA DO-229D; Appendix B to ICAO Annex 10; ICAO doc 8168 (PANS OPS) Volume 2, Part III, Section 2, Chapter 6 ; Encode. Allows encoding of user-input data into a FAS Data Block. Supports SBAS encoding only. For valid field types see table below. Notes. supplied by the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Unit: Jan 2010 - Feb 2021: Operations En-route. Data description Period Info ICAO GANP; En-route IFR flights and ATFM delays no post ops adjustments Daily IFR traffic and en-route ATFM delay by entity and delay cause (AUA based) Jan 2011 - Mar 2021: KPI 07: En-route IFR flights and ATFM delays with post ops adjustments Daily IFR traffic and. EUROCONTROL is responsible for preparing of a common RAD reference document, collating, coordinating, validating and publishing it, following the CDM process as described above. Last minute changes can be found in the Increment File page

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Thread: Eurocontrol Phraseology Database. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; Email this Page 19.03.2014, 19:05 #1. Jwan Koch. View Profile View Forum Posts vACC-Controller vACC-Pilot. Awards Showcase. Total Awards: 1 Join Date 04.10.2009 Location WIL262/10.6 Posts 1.445 Thanks 1.564 Thanks 865 Thanked in 513 Posts. Eurocontrol Phraseology Database Habe da auf der Suche nach der. The tool is called the Logon List Dashboard and is available from the DPMF OneSky team (OST) web site. Video tutorials are also available on the DPMF OST site. Before you can access the Logon List Dashboard you first need to have a One Sky Teams (OST) account (Eurocontrol Intranet) The EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF) defines the processes and templates to be used in the development of the regulatory material. The EUROCONTROL Specification template has been applied to the development of the Specification for Data Assurance Levels (DAL Specification)

EUROCONTROL Web Site: Privacy Statement: Send comments and questions on this page to Content Supplier: etna.contacts@eurocontrol.int © 2006-2021 EUROCONTROL - v1.8.0 (R20210316-1611 EUROCONTROL Specification for On-line Data Interchange Existing Standard EUROCONTROL Standard for Surveillance Data Exchange, Part 12: Category 21 - ADS/B Messages The timeline shows how the majority of the groundings took place in the second half of March, while a clear recovery is observed since the beginning of June, with progressively more aircraft returning to fly in the EUROCONTROL area. The interactive dashboard below enables an analysis by state, airport or aircraft operator AIRAC Dates. Below you can find the AIRAC dates up to and including 2023 with the associated RAD cut-off dates. 2021 | 2022 |2023 | 2024 | 2025

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Missing data × . No airport has been selected. Select at least one airport to be checked for outages. This functionality will be configured (e.g. AFTN address) and verified once the AFTN interface with EAD is confirmed by EUROCONTROL; Close. Scenario information. Start time (UTC) 05/05/2021 00:00:00. End time (UTC) 08/05/2021 00:00:00. Last update time (UTC) 05/05/2021 05:25:14 . Current. The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, commonly known as Eurocontrol (stylized EUROCONTROL), is an international organisation working to achieve safe and seamless air traffic management across Europe. Founded in 1960, Eurocontrol currently has 41 member states and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium This functionality will be configured (e.g. AFTN address) and verified once the AFTN interface with EAD is confirmed by EUROCONTROL Eurocontrol Specification For On-Line Data Interchange EUROCONTROL- SPEC-0106 Programme Reference Index Edition: 4.1 Date: 16 January 2008 Abstract This specification describes the requirements and message formats for the execution of notification, co-ordination and transfer of communication to flights between air traffic control units by the use of electronic data transfe

Eurocontrol has started integrating Aireon's space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data into its enhanced tactical flow management system (EFTMS), a capability the. With the ongoing implementation of the ADR (Airspace Data Repository) programme, the quality of the data is improved, thanks to the alignment of the EAD SDO data and of the CACD, and the data is made available in a standard AIXM 4.5 format. Distribution proces


  1. This service displays Eurocontrol Asterix radar track data on an interactive map. Asterix is a data format for the exchange of aviation data. More information about Asterix is on Wikipedia or in detail at Eurocontrol. Tracks containing WGS-84 coordinates will be displayed at the lat/lon position. For tracks with geometric or polar coordiantes the Reference Point can be set. Suitable Asterix categories with track data are for example 10, 11, 20, 21, 48, 62. Files may also contain a mix of.
  2. Maturing data analytics in EUROCONTROL SESAR Research: Runway performance. Recognising the increasing opportunity of data in predictive applications, EUROCONTROL - together with stakeholders in areas such as airspace, network management and runway management techniques - is actively investigating the use of data analytics to identify performance improvements and benefits. Some early.
  3. Eurocontrol has additional units in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Germany. The organisation represents the core of the European air traffic management system. The inter-governmental agency is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Air Navigation Service Providers from its 41 member states and aims to promote a seamless air traffic management system across the.
  4. European AIS Database (EAD) EUROCONTROL unterhält in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Maastricht Aachen Airport das Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (Maastricht UAC), eine Bezirkskontrollstelle, in der EUROCONTROL den oberen Luftraum der Benelux-Länder sowie Nordwestdeutschlands kontrolliert. Mitglieder nach Eintrittsdatum . EUROCONTROL. Belgien (1960) Niederlande (1960) Luxembourg (1960.
  5. Eurocontrol: vor allem Billigflieger sorgen derzeit für Wachstum. Im Eurocontrol-Raum ist die Anzahl der Flüge nur moderat in den letzten zwei Wochen gestiegen. Doch Billigflieger wie Easyjet.
  6. Exchange of views with EUROCONTROL. European Parliament, TRAN meeting. Eamonn Brennan. Director General 2 September 2020. Headline Impact of COVID-19 on European Aviation. Lost 4 million flights. across the network (1 Mar - 31 Aug) [EUROCONTROL] Lost 970 million passengers at European airports (1 Jan - 2 Aug 2020) [ACI Europe] Estimated loss of 60%.

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Internet: www.eurocontrol.int Sponsor: EUROCONTROL Sponsor (Contract Authority) Name/Location EUROCONTROL Agency Rue de la Fusée, 96 B -1130 BRUXELLES Telephone: +32 (0)2 729 9011 Internet: www.eurocontrol.int TITLE: USER MANUAL FOR THE BASE OF Aircraft DATA (BADA) REVISION 3.11 Author A. Nuic Date 05/13 Pages xix + 89 Figures 0 Tables I started with EUROCONTROL in July 2001 with four other conversion controllers and was attached to an ab initio course and assigned to the DECO sectors. I successfully completed my training on the DECO sectors in 2002. My career progressed at EUROCONTROL firstly as an on-the-job officer refresher trainer and afterwards a team leader in the training section ASTERIX (short for All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange) is a standard for the exchange of air traffic services (ATS) information. It is developed and maintained by the European ATS organization Eurocontrol.ASTERIX is state-of-the-art surveillance data format which is being adopted by the world users community as the universal standard in this domain today #COVID19 Latest EUROCONTROL traffic data shows how Wizz Air, Wideroe and Pegasus have the lowest percentage reduction in flight numbers while Ryanair and easyJet have the most flights

COVID-19 impact on the European air traffic - Eurocontro

How soon can we fly the perfect green flight? Our latest #ThinkPaper identifies potential for 25% less CO2 emissions per flight by 2030, and strong progress towards #NetZero by 2050. Using exclusive #EUROCONTROL aviation data and analysis, it explains why is it not always possible to fly a 'perfect green flight' today, shows which measures hav.. This includes information such as airport area data, airspace structures, organisations and units, points and navaids, procedures, routes and flying restrictions. Current versions are also designed to be able to manage and distribute the full timeline of aeronautical data, including temporary updates. These features form a key part of the EUROCONTROL backed move from AIS to Aeronautical. Eco-friendly flight trajectories can help mitigate the impact of non-CO2 emissions, says German Aerospace Center, DLR Prof. Dr. Robert Sausen at our Stakeholder Forum.. Moderated by EUROCONTROL's Head of Aviation Sustainability Marylin Bastin, the webinar drew on the experience of two other leading practitioners: EUROCONTROL MUAC's Rüdiger Ehrmanntraut, and SESAR JU's Olivia Nunez - to. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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Register for the upcoming webinar on Wednesday, May 19 to hear more from Aireon & EUROCONTROL experts. In a major operational enhancement of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager's (NM) operational systems, real-time air traffic surveillance data derived from Aireon's space-based ADS-B system has now been integrated into NM's Enhanced Traffic Flow Management System (ETFMS) In the end I will talk about the database prepared by Eurocontrol and free to use for everyone, in this database you can find basically all the informations about the aircraft that are divided into different categories, together with many pictures you can also find a table that will show you the different performances The EUROCONTROL Specification for Data Quality Requirements is as a possible Means written of Compliancefor Article 6(1) and Annex IV, Part A of Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010 in respect of setting data quality requirements for aeronautical data and aeronautical information

EUROCONTROL traffic forecasts | Aviation Intelligence Unit Portal. Traffic Overview. Daily traffic dashboard. Service Units SKYbrary was initiated by EUROCONTROL in partnership with the following organisations: International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) The Flight Safety Foundation; The UK Flight Safety Committee and; The European Strategic Safety Initiative (closed in 2016) A growing percentage of SKYbrary content is under the control of the following organisations

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Airport Model based on historical airport data to predict subsequent milestones based on : 1. taxi-times (stand/runway) 2. boarding times (a/c type, handler, contact or remote) and 3. turnaround times (a/c type, contact or remote, destination, PRM) Considering: • Key events (take-off from outstation, landing, boarding time, automated TOB Eurocontrol Aircraft Performance Database The more advanced forum for those of you who want to dig deeper into technical issues as well as airline management and operations. A forum for both professionals and knowledgeable amateurs Airports and runways. Aircraft database. Navigational beacons. Airways, ATS routes. Sample trajectories. Flight Information Regions (FIR) ADS-B data - OpenSky REST API. ADS-B data - OpenSky Impala shell. Airspaces from Eurocontrol NM

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Photo: Eurocontrol. Eurocontrol's DPMF division analyzes the performance of various combinations of VHF data radios (VDR) and communication management units (CMU) on a monthly basis and. In a two step process, you can file a valid flight plan, and CHG, DLA, CNL, and ARR any filed flight plan. You can also see all your standard FPL messages here from Eurocontrol. When you click [confirm for filing] on a flight plan in the list a copy of your FPL message will be displayed below, along with a View/edit FPL message addressing. tab that opens to reveal a panel where flight plan addressees can be added and confirmed. From there you can return to the first message data panel to.

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You are here: Home. LARA on line reporting systemis accessible 24/7 via the dedicated button at the top of this page, alternate is lara.mantis@graffica.co.uk. In case of an urgent request you can call +44 (0)1684 771022during office hours from 900 to 1900 BXL Time . The LARA Team remains available at: lara@eurocontrol.int EUROCONTROL Web Site: Privacy Statement & Terms and Conditions: For specific questions, please contact crco.cefa@eurocontrol.int © 2006-2021 EUROCONTROL - v2. (R20210423-1515 Eurocontrol Data Snapshot. On 16 February, EUROCONTROL published a Data Snapshot on CO2 emissions. It states that half of the CO2 emissions come from just 6 per cent of the flights from European airports, the long-haul ones. In 2019, this 6 per cent of flights was responsible for 48 per cent of CO2 emissions, while in 2020 it was responsible for more than half of European aviation's CO2. Aviation Information Data Exchange is a XML messaging standard to allow information exchange between airlines, airports and other parties in the aviation community. It has been initially created in 2005 and was officially released in 2008, endorsed by IATA Recommended Practice 1797A


When you import aixm_airspaces from traffic.data, you need to set a path to a directory containing AIRAC files. These are XML files following the AIXM standard and produced by Eurocontrol. We download these files from Eurocontrol Network Manager B2B web services. You have to own a B2B certificate granted by EUROCONTROL to get access to this data All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX) ist ein von EUROCONTROL veröffentlichtes Protokoll für den Austausch von Flugüberwachungsdaten. Dazu zählen vor allem Radardaten, aber auch z. B. Wetterdaten, Daten zur Zeitsynchronisation und vieles mehr.Das Protokoll löst zunehmend ältere Protokolle wie CAA (Protokoll), das Radar Data Interchange Format und.

eurocontrol s.a. spain nb 0058 oca inspeccion, control y prevencion, s.a.u. spain nb 0059 applus norcontrol, s.l.u. spain nb 0060 apave: france nb 0062 bureau veritas services: france nb 0063 (ex-0620,0956 EUROCONTROL ou Organisation européenne pour la sécurité de la navigation aérienne est une organisation intergouvernementale européenne, fondée en 1960, dont le siège est situé à Bruxelles. Sa mission est d'harmoniser et d'unifier la gestion de la navigation aérienne en Europe, en promouvant un système uniforme pour les usagers civils et militaires, dans des conditions de sécurité maximale tout en minimisant les coûts et les impacts environnementaux. L'Organisation. Civil Aviation Authority 01489-887398 (Content - NATS/Airspace Capacity Management) 0191-203 2329 (Distribution - commun sis UK) SECTOR DATA FOR THE UK LONDON AREA CONTROL (LAC) AND PRESTWICK Introduction This Supplement contains geographical sector data for the UK London Area Control (LAC) and Prestwick Area Contro (PC) sectors Airspace Data; Airspace Management; Issued Date: Valid From: Valid To: Description : 06/09/2019: 15/10/2019 : UFN: Flight modification - Exclusion and CTOT Improvement via B2B (replacing OI/19-080) Issued Date: Valid From: Valid To: Description : Follow this link to access the Network Operations Handbook. Issued Date: Valid From: Valid To : Description : 01/04/2019 : 08/04/2019 : UFN: AMC/CADF.

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bÚsqueda de servicios de eurocontrol. bÚsqueda avanzada. newslette The EUROCONTROL Specification for Data Quality Requirements is as a possible Means written of Compliancefor Article 6(1) and Annex IV, Part A of Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010 in respect of setting data quality requirements for aeronautical data and aeronautical information. For this purpose this Specification includes inthe Harmonised List which sets the minimum requirements for accuracy.

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Finden Sie Jobs bei EUROCONTROL. 4 offene Stellen bei EUROCONTROL mit Bewertungen, Erfahrungsberichten und Gehältern, anonym von EUROCONTROL Mitarbeitern gepostet. 12 Experten geben Tipps zum Jobeinstieg in Krisenzeiten NEU Over the last decade, several elements of the Eurocontrol regime, such as the charging and performance review and the common air traffic flow management system, have been successfully enhanced under EU law. As a result, Eurocontrol performs tasks now under the SES legislation. Starting from 2010, the organisation has been charged with four major tasks/roles Eurocontrol hat ihr zweites Szenario zur Erholung des europäischen Luftverkehrs vorgestellt. Es ersetzt die bisherige Prognose vom 24. April. Damals hatte die Behörde eine rasch steigende Corona.

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Die Eurocontrol-Normfür Online-Datenaustausch (On-line Data Exchange, OLDI),Ausgabe 2.2, wurde erarbeitet vom Direktorat für die Entwicklung (DED) des Programms zur Harmonisierung und Integration der Flugsicherung in Europa (EATCHIP), Eurocontrol, das zugleich für die Aktualisierung dieses Dokuments zuständig ist. Alle diesbezüglichen. Until the 1980s, every National Administration developed its own format for delivering radar data to Air Traffic Control Centres. This resulted in duplicate effort and made exchange of radar data across borders a complicated issue. The need for a common European data format became apparent and an example of what a standard format could look like was presented by Maastricht UAC in 1984. The All. EUROCONTROL | 106,569 followers on LinkedIn. Supporting European aviation since 1960. | We support European aviation and we do this by delivering technical excellence and civil-military expertise.

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European Commission - Press Release details page - Brussels, 8 October 2002 The Plenipotentiaries of the 31 Member States of EUROCONTROL and the European Community, represented by the Vice-President of the European Commission and the President of the EU Transport Council, signed today the Protocol on the accession of the European Community to EUROCONTROL at a Diplomatic Conferenc Beschreibung in Englisch: Preliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/Ground Data Link. Andere Bedeutungen von PETAL Neben Eurocontrol-Vorprüfung der Luft/Boden-Daten-Verbindung hat PETAL andere Bedeutungen. Sie sind auf der linken Seite unten aufgeführt. Bitte scrollen Sie nach unten und klicken Sie, um jeden von ihnen zu sehen. Für alle Bedeutungen von PETAL klicken Sie bitte auf Mehr. Wenn Sie. Latvian airport, Riga International Airport (), has been recognised as an Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) compliant airport by EUROCONTROL with the use of TAV Technologies' Airport Management Solutions.TAV Technologies took full responsibility of the A-CDM implementation project at Riga Airport, which was partially funded by the European Union (EU) and completed in. Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr - oder kontaktier Fernando Esclapez direkt bei XING

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The EUROCONTROL Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) team is honoured to have this opportunity to address the EBAA and its members. EVAIR has been in existence for almost 15 years now and as the first voluntary ATM incident data collection scheme, it is organised at a pan-European level.The EVAIR mechanism was set up in response to a request from EUROCONTROL's Provisional Council, which. EUROCONTROL protects your personal data in accordance with the EUROCONTROL Regulation on Personal Data Protection adopted by its Member States. 1. Why do we collect, store and process your data? EUROCONTROL, through the CRCO, has the responsibility to operate the EUROCONTROL Common Route Charges System on behalf of the EUROCONTROL Member States. EUROCONTROL bills and collects route charges in. After processing the data, EUROCONTROL will work with air navigation service providers, airports and airlines to use the data to optimise flow management, which will play its part in improving the punctuality of arrivals and departures at European airports, benefitting passengers, staff and the environment. Once the pandemic is contained and air traffic resumes, it will be crucial that we.

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